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Best selling and award winning audiobook narrator Kate Rudd joins the show to talk about voice acting, what it's like having more than 250 titles in her backlist, and what it was like to read the hit novel "Fault in our Stars!" To learn more about Kate visit her site:

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This week Jamie Davis, RN, NRP, B.A., A.S., host of the Nursing Show,  joins the Creators Cast to talk about podcasting, writing, and everything in between. To learn more about Jamie make sure you checkout his main podcast at!

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This week I chat with Sam Dillard. Sam is a music composer who has kickstarted several licensed albums and does an assortment of freelance work. To learn more about Sam hit up his website:

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Best selling author Honoree Corder joins the show. With more then twenty books under her belt and her her hit book "You Must Write A Book" still topping the charts MONTHS after release, Honoree shares how she got started and transitioned out of being a business coach to being a full time writer. To learn more about Honoree visit


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Father and sun duo Geoff and Bryan Engelstein join the show to talk about the nitty gritty awesome nerdiness of board game designing. To learn more about Geoff check out his own podcast Ludology ( he analyzes board game mechanisms.

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